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The Hypertronic Pro

Finally a Powerful Radionic Machine Rich with Features to suit those on a budget

Use biological sample to target your patient

Sample can include

Voice recording

Drop of Blood


Photo (including digital)

Create Remedies Directly or Broadcast Frequencies

Create vibrational medicine remedies in the form of drops, pillules, balms or ointments

Broadcast healing directly to the patient anywhere in the world

Electronic Homoeopathy

Create any homoeopathic remedies using radionic rates to any potency

Duplicate any homoeopathic Remedy


Download Radionic Rate References and Create any Radionics Remedy 

The Radionics Stick Pad makes this unit suitable for Advanced Radionics Practitioners


Amplify your Will Power using Electronic Psychometry to Assist in the Manifestation of your Dreams and Desires

Photon Sound Beam Integration

Integrate the Hypertronic Pro with the Photon Sound Beam and Broadcast PSB Frequencies to any Patient Worldwide.

Alternatively, send Hypertronic Pro frequencies for inclusion in the PSB plasma tubes, for enhanced therapy.

Connect to your Computer

Connect the Hypertronic Pro to your computer and use Rife Frequency software and Hulda Clarke Frequencies to treat specific ailments. Over 700 presets to select from!

Hypertronic Pro Advanced Radionics Instrument

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A Powerful Radionic Machine Rich with Features for those on a budget .....

Hypertronic ProAchieve good health physically, emotionally and mentally through use of this simple to use radionics system. Broadcast healing energies or psychometry with no limitation on distance, or make vibrational medicine remedies in an instant. Little to no training required in use of this scientific instrument.

Suitable for both Professionals or the Home User.

Features of the Hypertronic Pro include the ability to;

  • assess biological sample and to apply a mirror frequency to rectify bodily energies for better health. Biological samples can be applied in the form of 
    • a drop of blood,
    • hair
    • a photo (real or digital)
    • voice recording (the unit features a microphone for this assessment)
  • create and duplicate any homoeopathic remedy (electronic homoeopathy)
  • apply healing radionic rates for broadcast or vibrational medicine remedies (in the form of drops or pillules)
  • create vibrational medicine remedies or broadcast healing frequencies to any subject anywhere in the world
  • apply psychometry to any subject locally or from afar


  • connect the Hypertronic Pro to your computer and use the software Rife Pro X2 to include powerful Rife Frequencies and Hulda Clarke frequencies in your energy medicine formula
  • integrate with the Photon Sound Beam to broadcast healing frequencies 

Hypertronic Pro in Detail

The Hypertronic Pro is a state-of-the-art scientific instrument, that provides a quantum leap in balancing overall health of the natural energy fields in the body.

The Hypertronic Pro is designed to measure and balance what are known as intrinsic data fields (IDFs). Intrinsic data fields are believed to be subtle informational fields which surround all living and non living material things in nature. They are believed to be part of the morphogenetic field theorized by Rupert Sheldrake (click here for more detail regarding the morphogenetic field). The Hypertronic Pro represents a significant advance in design, from models on which it is based including the BioMirror and other non computer based radionics systems.

Unlike the advanced Radionics Systems that use a traditional approach of using analytical software that place a disease label on symptoms present in a patient, the Hypertronic Pro takes a more modern approach, disregarding symptoms and disease labels, and looks at intrinsic data field frequencies representing disharmony from the entire individual. It then mirrors the inverse frequency of the intrinsic data fields to create a balancing and healing effect on the body. Healing frequencies are delivered either by broadcast (where there is no limitation on distance between machine and patient), or by remedy, which can be made by the Hypertronic Pro in a small dropper bottle consisting of pure water, and 25% brandy as a preservative. Once harmony is restored to the body energetically, then it is up to the body to use these frequency adjustments for natural healing.

Why the name "Hypertronic Pro"?

The Hypertronic Pro is so named as it uses HYPERspace (or theoretical dimensions defined in string theory physics and mathematics) to deliver healing energies elecTRONICally. The theoretical basis to radionics lies in dimensions beyond our 4 dimensions, as explained in Scientific Theories of Radionics. This instrument can be used by home users in its most basic mirroring mode, or by advanced trained PRO users in an advanced clinical setting using homoeopathy or other vibrational medicine therapies to treat patients on a day to day basis.

The Hypertronic Pro is an advanced design on the original Jeff Byrd 97 BioMirror, and 2 other contemporary radionic instruments. The BioMirror was a unit designed in the early 2000s which was rated as one of the top radionics instruments in the world by a leading Canadian psychotronic practitioner, namely James Black. The Hypertronic Pro uses the same circuitry as the deprecated  BioMirror. It has all the features for someone adept at radionics and for someone just starting out. It is different in appearance from a traditional radionic instrument which has many knobs crowding the console of the instrument, whereas the Hypertronic Pro has a compact array of rate selectors (marked Code) simulating a traditional 12 stage radionic instrument.

A new generation of psychotronics, Hypertronic Pro is a powerful, Holographic Scalar Energy Broadcasting instrument utilizing biological samples for holographic vibrational energy transfer. At last we have choices in maintaining perfect health that is quick, easy and affordable, and now with the convenience of Remote Broadcasting at a distance.

Hypertronic Pro Internal CircuitThe Hypertronic Pro combines a number of the top professional radionic modalities into the one instrument;

  • The Hypertronic Pro allows assessment of incoherent bodily frequencies from a modern holistic viewpoint, disregarding the step of complex analysis which puts symptoms into a disease label. It then uses this information to reverse the disharmony energetics to encourage healing.
  • The Hypertronic Pro allows remedies to be made in the form of homeopathic remedies and vibrational essences using radionic rates available in free downloadable guidebooks.
  • The Hypertronic Pro allows broadcasting of healing frequencies with no limit on distance between the Hypertronic Pro and the client.
  • The Hypertronic Pro allows the option of copying vibrational medicine remedies.
  • There is an input port built into the Hypertronic Pro, specially designed to allow a connection with the Photon Sound Beam. This allows the broadcast facility in the Hypertronic Pro to send Photon Sound Beam healing frequencies to afar.

Vibrational Medicine Remedies that can be Electronically Made

Using the Hypertronic Pro, there is no limit to vibrational remedies that can be made using rates from the free downloadable guidebooks. Examples of remedies that can be made include;

  • Homoeopathic Remedies (for treatment of chronic and acute illness etc)
  • Flower Essence Remedies (for treatment of emotional conditions) including Bach Flower Remedies, Australian Bush Flower Essence Remedies, Bailey Flower Essences, Californian Flower Essences and the Gurudas Flower Essences
  • Homoeopathic Vaccines
  • Acupuncture Meridian Remedies
  • Allergy Remedies
  • Parasite Remedies

Dropper bottleTo make a remedy, place a small dropper bottle with 75% water and 25% brandy (used as a preservative) onto the right hand plate. Consult the guidebook and dial the rate (and potency for homoeopathics) into the Hypertronic Pro and then expose the remedy to the frequency. You now have a remedy that can be used normally by taking several drops under the tongue, and then holding the drops there for a minute or so before swallowing.

In addition to being able to make remedies using radionic rates, the Hypertronic Pro gives the user the option to copy vibrational remedies by placing a remedy onto the left witness plate, then a blank remedy onto the right broadcast plate, and exposing the blank remedy to the frequencies of the remedy being copied.

Hypertronic Pro features include;

  • Voice Potentizer. You can record the clients voice, and the measurements can be made using the recording rather than a biological sample.
  • Holographic Scalar Energy Witness Broadcasting (Achieved through utilizing biological samples for holographic vibrational energy transfer).
  • Radionics rates for free download (click here to view the different available guides).
  • Vibrational remedy transfer from left plate to right plate.
  • Diagnostic touch-plate (Stick plate) with twin dials (useful for psychometry).
  • Extraneous noise filtration to remove all frequencies from outside of the witness sample and broadcast plate. Earlier versions of the Hypertronic Pro had issues where power signal was noisy which affected the sample, but this issue has now been resolved in the Hypertronic Pro.
  • Option for including radio frequency (RF) input such as the output frequencies of Photon Sound Beam for broadcast (see photon sound beam integration below).
  • Optional full-spectrum (thought to light frequencies) holistic Holographic Broadcasting (for psychometry work).
  • Input and output connectors for external use.
  • A copper rod for direct delivery of energies to the patient through the output port.
  • A copper board plate with extension cord for witness samples too large for the left plate on the Hypertronic Pro.
  • Controls for Power, Homoeopathic Potencies, Continuous use, Clearing the system for new client, Energizing remedies, Codes and more.
  • Comes with a 12V power supply which uses 110-240V electrical feed (suitable for use in any country).
  • Operating Manual

Rife Pro SoftwareIntegration with Rife Pro X2 Software and your Computer (Optional)

You can optionally purchase the Rife Pro X2 computer software, which can be used with the Hypertronic Pro. Using the Rife Pro software, you are effectively turning your computer into a Rife machine. Instead of delivering the Rife frequencies in the form of sound, the frequencies are fed directly into the Hypertronic Pro circuit, allowing you to make remedies or to create a targeted broadcast based on biological matter on the witness plate.

Imagine helping a relative with insomnia that lives far away, or a friend with a health disorder. Simply ask them for a hair sample, and you are ready to treat them using the Rife Pro and the broadcast on the Hypertronic Pro.

Rife Pro X2 is the latest Rife Technology. It has a powerful Rife Frequency Generation system that lets you use your computer as a Rife Machine.

It's more versatile than any other Rife Machine, because it also lets you structure water and oils with frequencies - so you can make homeopathic remedies. It also has a built-in TBSW system for pain relief, insomnia, weight loss and more.

Rife Pro X2 is easy for anyone to use - no complicated scripts and programming required as with other Rife Machines. All it takes is a couple of mouse clicks and you're up and running. There's no need for a bunch of clunky wires and electrodes either. Special algorithms in the software let you use speakers or headphones to deliver Rife frequencies, safely and naturally (explained later).
You'll see real results with Rife Pro X2, even when drugs and other methods have entirely failed. If you really want to get rid of something - you need to get to the "source" of the problem. That's what Rife Pro X2 does. It gets directly to the source of the problems.

Click here to read more about the Rife Pro software and integration into the Hypertronic Pro.

Photon Sound BeamPhoton Sound Beam Integration (Optional)

PSB and HTP ConnectedThe Hypertronic Pro can be used completely independently by itself, or synergistically for enhanced results with the Photon Sound Beam. Both the Hypertronic Pro and Photon Sound Beam are engineered and manufactured by the same development team. There is a specially designed port in the Hypertronic Pro which allows the RFSP port on the Photon Sound Beam to directly connect to the Hypertronic Pro. This can be used for the following options;

Allow the Hypertronic Pro to broadcast Photon Sound Beam frequencies (e.g., the general sweep on the level 12 setting for 30 mins) to any patient (with their permission) using their biological sample, voice print or picture worldwide.

When using the Photon Sound Beam for a therapy session, allows the Hypertronic Pro to send inverse mirrored energies back to the Photon Sound Beam for inclusion in the hand held plasma tubes.

Click here to read more about integrating the Photon Sound Beam with the Hypertronic Pro.

Hypertronic Pro Main Circuit BoardHow Hypertronic Pro Works

The Hypertronic Pro has 2 primary systems;

  1. A BioMirror where intrinsic data fields are measured in the form of a frequency pattern, and the reverse of this pattern is applied back to the patient to create an energy correction, which in turn allows physical correction (healing) to follow.
  2. A Powered Radionics System which may be regarded as an electronic extension of a person's intention (belief helps to provide mental structure to it). The Hypertronic Pro is a standard Radionic instrument that links the mind with the primal or causal levels of creation and manifestation. These are variously referred to as the Morphogenetic Field, Holographic Fields, Hyper-Space, Scalar Energies and so forth. You can read more about the theory of radionics by clicking here.

The Hypertronic Pro utilizes a harmonically-rich, pure square-wave electromagnetic field though which a biological sample (e.g., blood, urine, hair, or fingernails) are broadcast with exclusively designed transfer plates. The Hypertronic Pro is also capable of achieving this through use of a photo or voice imprint of the patient.

Underneath the output plate there are several electronic parts including a specially designed swirl symbol which is sacred geometric compliant, as well as a harmonics speaker allowing rich delivery of multiple signals. There are no inline orgonite or pyramid structures included in the Hypertronic Pro. Some other radionics machines use such parts, but they are regarded by the developers of Hypertronic Pro as a non requirement. It should be duly noted that parts such as orgonite components can in fact be damaging as energies that are emitted are often misaligned with bodily harmonics and can thereby stress bodily organs and lead to longer term health issues.

Inputs and Outputs on the Rear of the Hypertronic Pro

The Hypertronic Pro has 5 connector plugs on the rear of the unit as shown in the following photo.

Input and output connectors on the rear of the unit

Labels have been placed on the photo to identify each of the connectors, as follows;

  • A The black banana jack is for the large extension witness plate, which is used when the left hand witness plate on the unit is too small.
  • B This is a 3.5 mm stereo input jack, which is used for the optional Photon Sound Beam connection to send RF from the RFSP port of the Photon Sound Beam to the Hypertronic Pro. It can optionally be used to include any length of audio input (e.g., a 30 min monologue while the unit is in continuous mode, or healing frequencies from tuning forks etc) from another unit such as a computer sound card, computer headphone outlet, an iPod, iPhone, mp3 player, radio or any other device that has standard line level audio output (Note: Standard Line Level Output is usually audio output suitable for headphones and must not exceed 1V RMS which can otherwise void warranty on the Hypertronic Pro. It is recommended that you check audio output specifications for the unit you are attaching before connecting).
  • C This is where the power lead is connected.
  • D This is a 3.5mm connector plug, used to connect to frequencies from the Hypertronic Pro back into the Photon Sound Beam via the RFSP port.
  • E Is the banana jack output connector, allowing you to connect the copper handle for the patient to hold, for a direct treatment.
Other Features
  • Potency:  This feature allows one to select the strength at which the subtle energies are sent to the "OUT" Plate.  Set the knob to "0" for a generic general broadcast.  
  • Transfer Only/Continuous Switch:  This allows the user to use either a standard timed energy transfer to the out plate, or to engage in a Continuous transfer to the out plate. It is usually recommended that you use the Transfer Only mode.
  • Internal Switch Bank on Hypertronic ProHarmonics Switch: There are 3 positions including Fast, None (center), and Slow. Harmonics can be included in timed OR continuous cycles. Previously models on which this design is based had it that harmonics could only in included in the continuous cycle but this limitation has been removed in the Hypertronic Pro.
    a. No Output -- MIDDLE POSITION  
    b. In FAST or SLOW position -- simply ADDS RF Harmonics to the broadcast e.g., 10MHz which penetrate the body easily as carry wave, 15Hz which is energetic, as well as 10Hz, 27Hz and 40MHz. All good for carrying required healing frequencies into the body.
  • "Rates" Control Switch:   Enter a Radionic Rate (analogous to frequency) from the Rate Listing provided. CopenLabs Rates Book may be downloaded by clicking here or there is another comprehensive publication that can be freely downloaded by clicking here.
  • The IMPRINT RATES  below the "Potency" is used if desired to ADD a specified number for the selected Homeopathic "Potency"  such as  30x  or  100c potency.
  • Body:  this optional feature selects the chakra level at which you wish to direct the broadcast, such as "1" for more gross physical application (or root chakra) or "7" for the most subtle (or crown chakra).  When not using this feature, set to "0".
  • Record/Playback:  This setting functions as a Voice Potentizer.   A voice recording of one's own voice vibration (or the client's) or other recording may be used to overlay the subtle energy broadcast.  Use:  While holding down the Record toggle switch, place a recording or speak clearly and loudly as near a possible into the black foam covered microphone.  There is a 20 second maximum recording time.  The Playback toggle selection may be used to confirm a recording.  The volume is not a factor in results and is intentionally very low for a clean subtle energy signal.  Note:  Pressing the Record toggle once will erase the previous recording. The Clear button or powering down does not erase the recording.
  • Rub Plate: (Lower right-hand corner) This is an optional tool for connecting operator mind and for tuning thoughts with reality for finer radionic adjustment. By gently stroking the surface of the small plate with a finger(s) (usually in direction towards the user) a change in the energy level can be felt on finger tips with a "sticking effect". The 2 knobs are adjusted accordingly to fine tune the broadcast plate with intention and manifestation when needed.

Electronic Specifications

Prior to mid-July 2017, the Hypertronic Pro used electronic parts with a unity level of 300MHz. These parts are still capable of handling frequencies exceeding 500MHz, but just not as effectively as 300MHz and below. From mid-July 2017, the Hypertronic Pro was built with high end specification electronic parts, which are capable of handling frequencies as high as 1.1GHz. Many other competitive radionic machines are limited by the electronic part specifications which they use, and are therefore less effective on this note alone when compared with the Hypertronic Pro.



The Hypertronic Pro is an advanced design on the original Jeff Byrd 97 BioMirror, and 2 other contemporary radionic instruments. The BioMirror was a unit designed in the early 2000s which was rated as one of the top radionics instruments in the world by a leading Canadian psychotronic practitioner, namely James Black. The Hypertronic Pro uses the same circuitry as the deprecated BioMirror. It has all the features for someone adept at radionics and for someone just starting out. It is different in appearance from a traditional radionic instrument which has many knobs crowding the console of the instrument, whereas the Hypertronic Pro has a compact array of rate selectors (marked Code) simulating a traditional 12 stage radionic instrument.