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Frequently Asked Questions

15. 12. 01
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Hypertronic Pro Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What are the dimensions and weight of the Hypertronic Pro?

The Hypertronic Pro weighs 3Kg, and measures 31 x 24 x 14 cm in size.

2. If any hardware issues arise with the Hypertronic Pro, do we have to revert back to you for getting them repaired?

The Hypertronic Pro has a one year Warranty. Any hardware issues that might arise in the future, you can refer the unit to us and we will send instructions on where to send for repair. This is very unlikely however as each unit is extensively tested, and uses superior electronic parts.

3. Is the Hypertronic Pro a Base 10, 44 or 336 model?

It is base 10, because of the 10-digit dials. I have seen where people enter either a mathematical division of base 44 / base 10, or enter the 2-digit rate for a base 44. A dial works by itself, as it could turn 0-10 just as it could turn 0-44. The 10-digit dials would take (2) digits for a base 44 rate. i.e.: 27, 45, 33 in base 44 could be done on (3) dials, but need (6) 10-digit dials to spell out 274533.

4. Can we use the Life Frequencies Essentials Software with the Hypertronic Pro?

Yes you can. The recommended software is Rife Pro X2, but you can use the advanced version of this, which is Life Frequencies Essentials. Both of these software are compatible with Hypertronic Pro.

5. Is there a way to check the intensity of a rate or a focused thot on the Hypertronic Pro?

On some of the KRT machines there is an Intensity dial. It is used during sticking, and they have a manual somewhere about progressing through a session, "removing a blockage", and setting the intensity again in the session as it moves along. In a similar way, the Sense knobs on the HTP represent that. The left Sense knob is more of a strong sensation (larger strength), representative of the Tens digit; the right Sense knob is a finer sensation, representative of the Ones digit.

6. Is the Hypertronic Pro able to broadcast complex homeopathic remedies (comprised of several different substances) in the one broadcast?

Yes this is achievable with the Hypertronic Pro. Users would typically add rates to their carrier substance, creating multiple rates in one item. Then, they would use that in their broadcast. The success rate of this depends upon the skill of the user, as to how well the multiple rates imprint into their carrier. Even though it is expected to be simple plug-and-play, intent still plays a role, and the stress of a user under more demanding protocols comes in to play, as well. We have observed this as feedback from this field, in general, not just for the Hypertronic Pro but from other competitive radionics units as well.

The Hypertronic Pro also has the external plate input, so multiple plates could be utilized (in addition to the standard IN plate), with each having an imprinted carrier substance. This way, multiple substances could spread the rates amongst each other, instead of only one being critical to success.

7. I am being attacked by someone radionically. Is the Hypertronic Pro able to counteract the attack?

Yes. You will be able to counter the attack and neutralise frequencies by using the Mirror function on the Hypertronic Pro. The Hypertronic Pro can collect all frequencies from the witness and is not restricted in frequencies. Once the witness is collected, it can easily make an inverse remedy through the mirror control which would neutralise attack frequencies. Alternatively you can use the continuous broadcast to electronically neutralise the attack. Note that if you are trying to locate the exact frequencies with equipment you already have its only guess work unless you know exactly whats being thrown at you. Hypertronic Pro will read them and invert them through mirror with no limitation.

Also, an important part is to stay healthy and hydrated. Just as an ill person cannot fight off a virus, an ill person cannot fight off things besides virii. Radionics attacks work well on those who are not as healthy as they could be.

8. Is the Hypertronic Pro CE Certified?

What is CE Certification?

The CE Marking on a product is a manufacturer's declaration that the product complies with the essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety and environmental protection legislation, in practice by many of the so-called Product Directives. Details of the legal requirements and specifications for the CE mark are specified in DIRECTIVE 2014/35/EU OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL.

Hypertronic Pro

The Hypertronic Pro includes a separate power supply that plugs into the unit. Being separate, it is not fixed to the unit itself.

Power Supply

The power supply has a 100-240V input and is therefore under the scrutiny of DIRECTIVE 2014/35/EU OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL. It has a CE mark as shown on the label on the underside of the power supply below;

CE Mark shown on label on Reverse Side of Power Supply Unit

It however is not fixed to the Hypertronic Pro. The electrical output from the power supply is a 12V/5A DC output. The Hypertronic Pro unit itself is therefore exempt from needing to be CE certified. Reasoning for this is Chapter 1, article 1 of DIRECTIVE 2014/35/EU OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL states that "This Directive shall apply to electrical equipment designed for use with a voltage rating of between 50 and 1 000 V for alternating current and between 75 and 1 500 V for direct current, other than the equipment and phenomena listed in Annex II." 


  • Electrical equipment for use in an explosive atmosphere
  • Electrical equipment for radiology and medical purposes
  • Electrical parts for goods and passenger lifts
  • Electricity meters
  • Plugs and socket outlets for domestic use
  • Electric fence controllers
  • Radio-electrical interference
  • Specialised electrical equipment, for use on ships, aircraft or railways, which complies with the safety provisions drawn up by international bodies in which the Member States participate.
  • Custom built evaluation kits destined for professionals to be used solely at research and development facilities for such purposes.

 The Hypertronic Pro unit falls outside of items listed in Annex II shown above and it therefore exempt from CE certification requirements.

9. When I use the continuous I don't see the LED light up. Is this correct? What should I observe to make sure the cycle is broadcasting?

There is no indicator light for Continuous mode. It will start the same as Transfer Only, with the IN LED lighting, then the OUT LED lighting, but instead of completing a cycle, and the OUT LED turning off, the OUT LED will stay on. It will stay on until the Energize button is pressed to end the transmission cycle.

10. How does the mirror function detect unwanted frequencies. How does it determine the frequencies to mirror and sort the good frequencies in a witness from the bad ones?

Mirror does not sort anything. Just as Direct does not sort anything.

Let's assume a pure sample. No extra ingredients, no fillers. Mirror would make the opposite - start with Thing A that causes a certain reaction, mirror it to prevent that certain reaction.

Nothing is absolutely pure, but the intention is there, so if a sample was air-borne contaminated with a fleck of dirty dust that we don't see, it would not affect the result. I suppose, technically, it would, but in the real world, our bodies ignore minor things.

Using a sample that consists of frequencies that both harm and heal, or contain both a vitamin and toxin: the "bad" (which depends upon the user's experiment) would not get sorted. That is why it is important to work in steps, with singular purposes, and build upon each one. Make a negative of a color image, and you see that the opposite (mirrored) colors are not sorted - all change together.

Many people view the electronic aspect as a waveform. Mirror would invert the waveform. One might say that the wave is still the same frequency (which it is), so how does that affect the cycle? It still goes up and down at the same rate. Noise-cancelling headphones mirror the signal from the outside world, and lay it on top of the original. The two are out-of-phase, and disappear.

11. I’m wondering if using the Hypertronic Pro and connecting both an extended witness and broadcast plate I could place multiple witnesses on the extended plate? ie) Can I put the photo of my witness on a USB stick and put the USB stick on the witness plate and say if I have 1000 photos of 1000 witnesses all on the USB if I can place the USB stick on the extended witness plate and successfully broadcast to all 1000 people on my USB stick using the Hypertronic Pro? I’m most excited to transmit audio, how many audios can I broadcast? Is there a way where I can broadcast multiple audios without needing to purchase a another whole machine?

Answer provided by our engineer "The plate that comes with the unit is 5"x8". As far as multiple witnesses, it seems to be common acceptance that the more complex the operation, the less likely the intended outcome. There is, of course, a variable based upon the type of machine and any energy amplifier included. A mass broadcast is more likely to succeed than a complicated trend/remedy input. There are some people who try to broadcast to the entire world, but I think there is too much complexity with involving 7 billion people.

As far as audio goes, the same situation would apply, as more information/complicated information packets could be interpreted the same way.

I made this capable of multiple inputs/outputs, so anything is possible. When it comes to multiple in/out, focus is really the key. Others seem to get better results building upon something, rather than combining as much as possible the first time.

To sum up: it seems a mass broadcast to multiple witnesses would be more successful than multiple trends to a witness. Digital files have been accepted as a form of trend/witness, from my experience."

12. Can I broadcast to a bottle of water? ie) broadcasting to the (glass) bottle of water as if the bottle of water was a witness? Also could I do this Via a photo of the glass bottle of water on a USB stick? What about via a physical photo of the bottle of water as photo-captured with a Polaroid camera?

Original is best, i.e.: water/object is in contact with device. Poloraid or other visual printout is next, followed by digital information.

13. Is Hypertronic Pro considered as a Malcolm Rae type radionic device? With Hypertronic Pro is it possible to make remedies with Base 336 rates and Base 44 rates also besides Base10 rates?

Many people use the Malcolm Rae cards with the radionics machines, by placing them on the plates.

Some people use the combination of digits with the thumb wheels. With (12) thumb wheels (at base 10), (4) 336 rates could be used or (6) 44 rates. It's just dividing the number of digits. There are some rates around the web where some have conversion rates or comparable rates, but many will dowse to determine the best way to enter those combinations.

14. Does the Hypertronic Pro use adjustable capacitors similar to those used in the original devices?

Almost all devices nowadays use resistance/variable resistance instead of variable capacitors (mainly due to cost/size/custom values). They function the same. The HTP does have certain capacitors in various locations in the circuitry to perform specific duties, but are not adjustable.