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Modern Scientific Explanatory Models on the Principles of Radionics

15. 11. 12
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Modern Scientific Explanatory Models on the Principles of Radionics

The ideas of Dr Albert Abrams and Ruth Drown (see history of radionics) are still to be found today in the theory of the morphogenetic fields of the English biologist and philosopher Rupert Sheldrake. Sheldrake works on the assumption that the morphogenetic fields contain all information concerning the structure and form of each organism, including inanimate material. These fields have a holographic structure, which means that the corresponding information is theoretically omnipresent in the universe and can be called up accordingly. The morphogenetic fields are not essentially electromagnetic and are presumably on a plane other than space/time. The physicist Illobrand von Ludwiger describes the morphogenetic field as the 5th and 6th dimension described in Heim's theory (see below). Also Roger Penrose (Stephen Hawking's teacher) has determined dimensions 5 and 6 but has not linked them necessarily with the morphogenetic field. Watch the following video for a detailed explanation on Morphic Resonance fields to gain a better understanding on this modern hypothesis and its supporting evidence;
The existence of such a plane transcending space/time has even been postulated as an inevitability by some physicists. David Bohm, in this connection, refers to a holographic universe and defines the two areas of existence as having an implicate (folded-up) and and explicate (unfolded) order. The implicate order, also referred to as the enfolded order, is seen as a deeper and more fundamental order of reality. In contrast, the explicate or unfolded order include the abstractions that humans normally perceive. For a greater depth of understanding, read the description on Wikipedia or watch the following video for a short visual to enhance your understanding;
Burkhard HeimThe German particle physicist Burkhard Heim in 1944 lost his hands and 90% of his eyesight and hearing as a result of a laboratory accident. As a result of this severe handicap, he developed a new internal awareness and was able to postulate a theory which defined how life and psyche are connected into the material processes of our world. This led to the first steps of a unified theory and he published many scientific papers which eventually led to Heim's quantum field theory theory in physics.
In short, Heim had the belief that in addition to our three spatial dimensions and time as the fourth dimension (= space/time) there exist further transcendent dimensions to which humanity can refer, thanks to the particular characteristics of his awareness. In these higher dimensions (hyper space) there is information which controls the structure and processes of the lower dimensions via syncopes. This hyperspace thus performs the function of a control field. It can be seen that there exist flows of information throughout body and mind (image below, left), but also (necessarily) between higher dimensions (image below, right side), which for example keep life processes on a stable level. These flows do not just go from higher levels or dimensions to lower ones, but also in the opposite direction (feedback system).
Burkhard Heim Feedback System in 12 Dimensions
The interesting feature of Heim’s quantum field theory is that it can provide more precise information after the material world (e.g. the mass of electrons) than - for example - quantum theory.
Heim's research focuses on the human being and the universe as a whole. Contrary to popular science, Heim did a geometric description of the nature including all its fields and particles. The result was that man and matter must exist in a 6-dimensional universe, so this is a mandatory physical necessity. These two additional dimensions correspond to a structural dimension (or probability fields; negative entropy) and its temporal dimension update. Both dimensions are independent of our space-time continuum (space + time). This model was later expanded together with the Viennese physicist Walter Dröscher by 6 hyper dimensions. The dimensions 7 and 8 correspond to informational dimensions and the dimensions 9 to 12 to a space that is, according to Heim, physically difficult to describe. But these upper four dimensions can intervene everywhere and to any point in time, and are described by some researchers as dimension X. Modern string theory mathematically supports the existence of these dimensions mathematically, although scientific proof in a laboratory of these dimensions is not currently possible due to the boundaries by which we are bound in mechanical science as described above.
Furthermore Heim investigated man and his holistic composition. By his calculations he could derive more complex organizations of sub-grade material structure currents, which eventually led through the formation of inertia to matter (elementary particles) . On the higher levels of organization followed atoms and molecules, then biospheres and life processes and finally sensations, awareness and wisdom. All processes are controlled via information channels, whose number depends on the reached level of organization.
Already during his early works Heim said that the higher levels condition the lower levels: the so-called pneuma (the wholeness of mental laws of thought, reflection, intuition, creativity, wisdom) conditions the psyche (behaviors in the area of experience and feelings) which conditions the bios (the living matter) which conditions the soma (all material). So already here Heim had been able to explain psycho-somatic diseases by physical laws.

Interestingly Heim mentioned that there exist a certain number of so called "information channels" (number: 2^x) which are responsible for a proper exchange of information to maintain a life form on a stable base. A human being has x=4, our ancestors (monkeys) have x=3, animals x=2, plants x=1; matter x=0. He said, in the case of x=5 (i.e. 2^5), even a so called enlightened one is far beyond the possibilities such an entity would have.

The above image and most of the text on Burkhard Heim provided with kind permission of Markus Perk's web site markus-perk.de, as well as correspondence between Greg Hernon and Perk. 

Tom Bearden's Quantum Science Explanation of Radionics
Bearden is a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the U.S. Army who lives near the Army's rocket center in Huntsville, Alabama. He says he holds a Master of Science degree from a Georgia college, in Nuclear Engineering. He is part of an "underground" network of physicists in 20 countries who exchange ideas and publications on advanced subjects and "unusual phenomena". For the past seven years he has been developing a theory to explain Radionic functions; he calls it psychotronics or psychoenergetics.
Quantified Theory
In quantum mechanics, electric charge is conceived as being created by the subquantum emission and absorption of virtual photons e.g., by extinguishing the virtual photons on an electron, the electron loses its charge, being converted to a neutrino and moving away through matter or anything else at the speed of light with essentially zero probability of interaction.
"For an electron locked in orbit by integral DeBroglie waves (Bohr theory, which is sufficient here), its charge cannot normally be extinguished, but an electron in a current flowing along a wire is not so protected and it can therefore be extinguished. I.e., currents in electromagnetic circuits -- automobile systems, radars, radios, lasers, satellites, human nervous systems, etc. -- can be interfered with or even extinguished by this means. (As has been amply demonstrated by Flying Saucers over the years. RHC)
"The effect can be modulated upon electromagnetic carriers, but in an unusual sense. I.e., this type of modulation is virtual state, so it does not simply gate photons as does normal electromagnetic modulation (AM) or change frequency of the photons produced (FM) -- rather it is modulated onto each individual photon itself, in its unseparated ΔT portion (a photon is comprised of action, ΔEΔT without any separation).
"The virtual state may be thought of as nested shells of physical reality contained or enfolded inside the element of time contained in each quantum of action. It is thus contained in, and carried by, the photon."
Mind over matter is a Hyperfield over an Electromagnetic Field and this is the basis of Spiritual Healing or Absent treatment, with the mind or augmented by a Radionic broadcast treatment instrument. The point Bearden makes here is "there exist more fundamental component fields than electromagnetic fields, and these hyperfields produce electromagnetic field itself. These hyperfields can also Just as easily extinguish electromagnetic fields or virtual photons."
The dematerialization of a human form in a seance room -- or of a Flying Saucer in our atmosphere, are good examples of the "extinguishing" of electromagnetic fields -- also the regression of a disease!
The Radionic Instrument
The radionic instrument enables the therapist to call up information specific to the patient from the control fields (dimensions 7 & 8 according to Heim, Sheldrake’s morphogenetic fields) and thus to analyse the underlying causes of disease in a person, animal or plant. The experienced practitioner knows that he can tune himself via this plane to the patient provided that he has a blood or hair specimen of the patient, wherever the patient is, even if they are thousands of kilometers apart. At the same time, deviations can be qualitatively assessed and balanced by radionic therapy.
What facilities does Radionics offer you?
To sum up, it can be stated that radionics gives you the possibility of setting up an extensive analysis on the basis of a patient specimen. In this context, you can take account of the organ status, toxin loading, vitamin and minerals budget, bacteria and viral presence, fungal infections etc. You can test the appropriate homoeopathic remedy and potency without the use of test sets, and assess the correct Bach flower or other flower essences. Furthermore, you have the complete range of color and precious stone therapy available to you. For this purpose we have numerous rates available (6500 rates for organs and symptoms, 30 rates for vitamins, 320 rates for color, 2600 rates for homoeopathic remedies, and flower essences etc).
Some radionic instruments give you the facility not only of investigating at physical level but also operating at astral and mental levels etc. Depending on the instrument, you have access to 6 or 12 levels of existence.

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