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Copying Vibrational Remedies

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Copying Vibrational Remedies

All forms of vibrational medicine remedies (e.g., homoeopathics, flower essences, radionic and so on) can easily be copied using the following procedure.

  1. Zero everything by pressing the CLEAR button and wait for the process to complete.


  2. Remove any voice recording by pressing the record button briefly once.


  3. Place the remedy being copied onto the left witness plate, and the blank remedy onto the right broadcast plate.

    Witness and Broadcast Plates

  4. Set to DIRECT.


  5. Ensure Imprint Rates and Broadcast Rates are set to zero.

    Set Imprint and Broadcast Rates to Zero
  6. Press ENERGIZE for timed operation. The energize process will take approximately 24 seconds to complete.



  • When using the INPUT plate for copying, the lower rate bank is still able to be used. This adds the possibility of a second rate/remedy to a vibrational imprint.
  • Place WITNESS SAMPLE (and optionally any REMEDIES to include in the test) on the LEFT "IN" Plate -- AND if Making a Remedy -- Place Virgin Dropper Bottle w/ Distilled Water or Lactose Pellets on the RIGHT "OUT" Plate. Always ensure that glassware (e.g., 30-50mL dropper bottles, clean small glass jars etc) are used on the right hand plate when making remedies as plastic and other material containers are unsuitable.