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Creating Vibrational Remedies

15. 11. 12
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Creating Vibrational Remedies

Use this procedure when using rates from one of the publications to create a vibrational remedy such as a homoeopathic, a flower essence etc

  1. Zero everything by pressing the CLEAR button and wait for the process to complete.

  2. Remove any voice recording by pressing the record button briefly once.

  3. Set to DIRECT.

  4. Consult the reference guides to determine the rate of the remedy that you are creating (click here to view the available guides). For homoeopathic remedies, input the rate in the upper rate bank: IMPRINT RATES.

    Imprint Rates
    For radionic remedies, enter the rate into BROADCAST RATES.

    Broadcast Rates
  5. Always make sure numbers are entered from the right side. For example the Sulis guide says that the rate for producing a Typhoid vaccine is 61189991. It should be entered as 000061189991 as shown in the picture below and NOT as 611899910000.


  6. If making a homoeopathic remedy, adjust the POTENCY knob for desired potency.

  7. Place target (e.g., dropper bottle or pillules as described above) on broadcast plate on the right siode of the unit.

    Broadcast Plate
  8. Press ENERGIZE for timed operation. The energize process will take approximately 24 seconds to complete.