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Preparing a Witness

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Preparing a Biological Sample (Witness Sample)

To take energetic measurements on our patient, and to target a broadcast, we need to prepare what is known in radionics as a witness. Once prepared the witness is placed on the left plate on the Hypertronic Pro.

Witness and Broadcast Plates

Note: Always ensure that you have the permission of the client when preparing the witness, especially when using the Hypertronic Pro for psychometry work. Using the unit on someone without them consciously knowing could have karmic consequences on yourself.

The Hypertronic Pro uses both biological and voice witnesses. It is your choice which method you choose to use.

Biological Witness

Preparing a Witness using a Blood Sample (Professionals Only)

Place a small blood spot between 2 glass microscope slides, or place it onto a small piece of white unscented tissue paper (NOTE: this is best done with a lancets from a drug store which are placed into a finger pricker). A blood sample is most ideal when using the Hypertronic Pro, and may be stored in a small 1-2" re-sealable plastic bag. 

Preparing a Witness using a Hair or Fingernail Sample

A hair or a fingernail sample may be used as a witness. Hair is the most commonly used witness used in radionics.

Preparing a Witness for an Animal

Fur is ideal when treating animals.  

Using a Photo as a Witness

A photograph may be also used instead of a biological sample. If your patient is a plant, a tree, or even a farm, you can use a photo or take a sample of the plant or soil and use it as the witness.

Handling the Biological Witness

Always remember not to touch the biological sample so that its frequency is held intact. You can have a client place the sample into the plastic bag, or use rubber tweezers, etc.. Hypertronic Pro is specifically designed to access the DNA coding of a biological sample and the blood is a more graphic and present-time sample. Although the sample can be used many months into the future, it is generally recommended to replace it periodically if possible.

Voice Witness

Use this method if you prefer not to use a Biological Sample as your witness.

  1. Select Record.


  2. While holding down the Record toggle switch, place a recording or speak clearly and loudly as near a possible into the black foam covered microphone.


    A sample recording could be "My name is {full client name} and I was born on {birth date} in {town of birth}". There is a 20 second maximum recording time. The Playback toggle selection may be used to confirm a recording. The volume is not a factor in results and is intentionally very low for a clean subtle energy signal.

You may notice the recording being played through the speaker AFTER the routine of making a remedy has completed. This is because the voice imprint goes from an audible speaker to an inaudible coil underneath the right Out pad. When the cycle is completed, a relay disengages and that is what causes the voice recorder to trigger one time, back to the audible speaker. 

NOTE: If you want to ERASE the existing recording Press "Record" momentarily ONCE.

Once you have prepared the witness, you are ready to proceed to switching on the instrument. Place the witness onto the left plate AFTER you have switched on and cleared the instrument.