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Cleaning and Caring for your Hypertronic Pro

15. 11. 26
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Cleaning and Caring for your Hypertronic Pro

KeysWhen the Hypertronic Pro is not in use, it is recommended that you keep the lid closed and locked. There are 2 keys provided with the Hypertronic Pro to lock the box. This ensures that no one but you can use the instrument, and it also ensures that the plates are kept clean from dust.

When using the Hypertronic Pro, it is essential to ensure that no fingerprints make their way onto the plates or onto any of the witness samples. If your fingerprints are there, then you will become part of the radionic circuit, and will receive targeted transmission of frequencies in a broadcast.

Hypertronic Pro Witness PlateCleaning the Plates on the Hypertronic Pro

If you accidentally touch the witness or broadcast plates, or if they need cleaning please use a clean damp cloth to wipe them over. Ensure that there are no fibers remaining on the plates after you have finished wiping. The plates are coated with a coat of lacquer to prevent oxidation, so it is important NOT to use any cleaning agents which could otherwise disturb the lacquer.

Extendable accessory plateCleaning the Extendable Accessory Plate

The Extendable Plate is made from an uncoated copper, and has a plastic lining on the back with plastic feet. Over time the copper surface may tend to tarnish. You can clean the accessory plate with alcohol such as methylated spirits (preferred as it will evaporate and leave no residue) or even acetone. Ensure that no residue remains on the plate which could otherwise affect readings or broadcasts.

It is recommended that you store the plate in the plastic bag in which it comes while it is not in use for maximum protection.

Copper hand pieceCleaning the Hand Held Copper Piece (Must always be cleaned between sessions)

It is important to clean the hand held copper piece every time after a patient has held it, as their fingerprints could create a targeted broadcast the next time another patient contacts the piece (i.e., the previous patient will receive a broadcast of the frequencies intended for the next patient without the unit being cleaned). The hand held copper piece can be cleaned in the same way that the accessory plate is cleaned. Alcohol such as methylated spirits is the preferred method.

It is recommended that you store the hand piece in a resealable plastic bag while it is not in use for maximum protection.