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Hypertronic Pro Sales and Consumables

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biomirror3Hypertronic Pro

The Hypertronic Pro Console comes in a beautiful wooden case and includes;

  • Extension witness plate with 6 foot lead
  • Copper handle with 6 foot lead
  • 6 foot 3.5 mm male to male stereo extension cable for optional Photon Sound Beam integration or for sound or software integration
  • Mono Y-Spliter
  • 3A Power Supply (100-240V) with power cord
  • Accessible Operating Guide for Professionals or Home Users 

Regular Price: $US2995.00
Special: $US2695.00

Note: Current lead time on these units is 2-3 weeks due to high demand.

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Extension Witness
and/or Broadcast Plate


Hand Held Copper Piece

Banana Plug Lead x2
for Witness Plate and
Copper Handle


Power Supply


3.5mm male to male
lead with mono
Y-spliter attached


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Note: Orders placed after 1 Jan 2020 no longer have a lock or keys on the box.

Recommended Software

If you are a professional therapist, we recommend that you purchase of a copy of Rife Pro X2 for targeting specific disease. Click here for details on the Rife Pro X2 software to learn how it can be applied and integrated with the Hypertronic Pro. If you would like homoeopathy software, we recommend HomeoQuest, a repertorization and materia medica software which is COMPLETELY FREE (no catches or gimmicks). Click here to download your free copy now.

type a power plugHypertronic Pro Consumables

We recommend the following items which are useful when using the Hypertronic Pro.

If you are outside of the USA, you will need an adapter plug to convert from type A parallel pin USA power plug to the power plug in your own country, so when you receive the Hypertronic Pro you can plug it straight in. It is only the power plug pin configuration that needs to be converted. The actual power supply that comes with the unit will work in any country but the pins are only suitable for places like USA or Japan (see picture to the right). The converter is easily attainable from your local hardware store, or from eBay. Simply look up Travel Adapter Power Plug to find the plug that converts from type A style to the power plug pin arrangement suitable for power outlets in your country.

Easily attainable from your local chemist or eBay

  • Lancets, a pricker and rubber gloves for sterile collection of blood samples.
  • Glass microscope slides for storing blood samples (place one drop of blood between 2 slides).
  • Snap Seal plastic bags which can be labelled with patient details, to store blood samples in glass slides.
  • Rubber tweezers to remove glass slides with blood sample from plastic bag, to place on witness plate on Hypertronic Pro

To make consumable remedies

  • Unmedicated Pillules. These are sometimes difficult to procure but there is an outlet in New Zealand that stocks them. Visit http://www.simillimum.co.nz/ sand search for "Unmedicated pillules".
  • Glass Vials for storing pillules. Search for "Mini Glass Vial Bottles" on eBay.
  • 20mL dropper bottles. Search for "Glass Dropper Bottles" on eBay.
  • Bottle of brandy. Generally used as a preservative for the glass dropper bottles. Add 25% brandy and 75% purified water to the glass dropper bottle, ready for energizing on the Hypertronic Pro.
Glass vials
Empty Glass Vials for storing Pillules 


Sugar Pillules

Pillules  in Glass Vials
lancets pricker
Lancets and Finger Pricker 
microscope slides
Glass Microscope Slides